Vanessa Zambito

deleitas con una vista para morir!! en el Bisha Hotel Toronto

It all started with hello hello.

And now we’re here!

I’m Vanessa Zambito, the girl with short hair and big smile who loves chocolate (not the dark kind, who are we kidding) and blazers alike. Recently switched up Miami tan lines for New York skylines, ’cause this is the city of dreamers isn’t it? And I’m definitely one of those.
disfrutando en la piscina tomando una Cerveza Stella Artois
Get Right Sunglasses H&M
Vanessa luce un vestido Bomba, Alpargatas tejidas Soludos Sofia y cinturón de cuero sintético de cocodrilo
Inclusive, un baño tan acogedor que hasta provoque bailar y hacer fiesta en el, jajaja

Here I hope you’ll learn that all you need to make an outfit great or a picture perfect, is you.
Come join me in this beautiful, crazy insta-ride.
So fasten your Gucci belts, and let’s go!